Privacy Policy

Last modified: 14 December, 2020.

Welcome to the official website of Shuguang Auto (hereinafter referred to as "we/us")! We take your privacy very seriously. We may collect and use your personal information in strict line with this privacy policy while you are using the service we provide on this website. Please contact us if you have any questions, opinions or suggestions.

1、Personal information we collect about you:

Name, date of birth, contact information and other information you may provide while registering as the member of the SG’s official website;

How your personal information is used:

We use your personal information to provide SG Auto related services and information for you.


"Cookie" on this website. Cookies are some small text files stored on your local computer. These Cookies will be used to identify you while you are visiting a website. Therefore, by using Cookies, we can improve our website service. Website Cookies stored on your computer will remain valid indefinitely after your first visit to our website.

You can change the settings of your web browser to notify you when Cookies are stored on your computer or refuse the Cookies from this website. However, if the Cookies from this website are refused, you will be unable to access or use any service on this website.


Commonly used technical measures are used to ensure the security of the submission, transfer and storage of you personal information collected on this website.

4、Access, correction and deletion:

You can contact us to get access to, correct or delete your collected personal information.

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