Legal Statement

Last modified: 14 December, 2020.

1、Ownership of Rights

1.1. Without the written authorization from Shuguang Auto, any text, graphic and the mixture of the both and registered trademark in China and other countries on the official website of Shuguang Auto (hereinafter referred to as "we/us") shall not be displayed, used or processed (including but not limited to copying, spreading, displaying, mirroring, uploading and downloading) in any way. You are also prohibited from indicating to or telling others that you have the right to display, use or process these contents without above said authorization.

1.2. The intellectual property rights of all products, services, technologies and procedures (hereinafter referred to as "technical services") on this website belong to Liaoning Shuguang Automobile Group Co., Ltd. or its obligee.

1.3. Unless otherwise stated by Shuguang Auto, Shuguang Auto has all rights (including but not limited to copyright, trademark right, patent right, trade secret right and all other related rights) to publish documents and other information (including but not limited to text, graphics, pictures, photos, audio, video, icons, colors, layout and electronic documents) on this website. No one is allowed to use the above contents (including but not limited to monitoring, copying, broadcasting, displaying, mirroring, uploading and downloading through computer programs or devices) without the authorization from Shuguang Auto. Any authorized browsing, copying, printing and spreading of the contents on this website shall not be used for commercial purposes, and this statement of right ownership shall be mentioned in the all cases where any content on this website is used.

2、Limitation of Liabilities

2.1. You agree that all the information, including but not limited to your name, company name, contact person, contact information, relevant pictures, news, product information, etc., is uploaded, provided and published by yourself on a voluntary basis and that you bear full legal liability for all these information.

2.2. The display of works (including forum contents) on this website is on the sole purpose of transmitting the information and does not mean that we agree with the ideas within them and confirms the authenticity of their contents.

2.3. We hereby note that, while using our services, you shall abide by the laws of the People's Republic of China and shall not compromise the Internet security and use our services to infringe others’ reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights, other legitimate rights and interests. Despite the foregoing, we hereby highlight again that Shuguang Auto bears no liability for the intents and purposes for which you use our services.

3、I.P.R Protection

We respect intellectual property rights, oppose and combat against violations of intellectual property rights. If you think that any content on this website (such as articles forwarded, service and commodity information released by the service market, etc., both on the web page and user’s page) may infringe your legitimate rights and interests, please contact us through the contact information provided on the website, and we will deal with it as soon as possible after receiving the notice.

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